Friday, September 26, 2014

to perform at your best be natural-- LET IT GO--

let it go -let it come -naturally, joyfully ,comfortably ,easily and not burden by techniques.They destroy the joy and the performance.

Natural state is a joy takes minimum energy allows re-generation, recharging and countless number of benefits
Lali.Elite Golf

Find Natural state  within All will be right

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Inability of the mind to selectively Block/Accept signals in to the head

Inability of the mind to selectively Block/Accept signals in to the head

Inability of the mind to selectively Block/Accept signals in to the head

External sights ,sounds, smell, taste, sensation ,thoughts  Effect the mood of a Golfer. Mood  effect the precious of the shot. When ball goes off target ,do not run for help nor driving range Instead help yourself by going through moments that went inside your head.



Inconsistency-MIND AND BODY


Consistency is not so  common in many human endeavors  From simple hand writing to keeping data /personal effects  nicely arranged in place so that retrieval can be easy. Hand writing is some what similar to Golfing chip and put. It is easy as A B C yet goes hey while most of the time to an average Golfer. Take a look at your hand writing and see for your self. When it appears nice and good it is always a result of being-and- feeling good Opposite is true when feeling is bad.

Keep the mind in good feel to play golf. All things will come to place nicely  if have you practiced to stay confident, filled with mental and body stamina.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cosmetic Sunglasses reduce eye ,body functions

All kinds of cosmetics kill the natural wonder of the human body.What a deceiving world is this !
house fly navigate with wider ,deeper eye sight and sense
Cosmetic Sunglasses  reduce eye ,body functions
navigation by sense of the eye

How ever defective eyes may need protective or Sun shielding glasses.

Note  Man or any animal is not designed to stay all day time under the scorching sun.All Animals  including man find shelter when the sun is right on top.golfer with no option but play may need cover ,shield against the sun as he is performing some thing no so natural.  An umbrella  will be the best  additionally  sun glass may be ok if he find by wearing there is significant good feel coming inside not by assumed  looks but by real needy comfort.