Thursday, December 26, 2013 Toss the ball Toss the ball: Toss the ball Mood fluctuate , directly proportional to the mind fluctuations. Every thought gives a kind of mood. When the mood is not...

Toss the ball

Toss the ball

Mood fluctuate , directly proportional to the mind fluctuations. Every thought gives a kind of mood. When the mood is not right focus is not right when the focus is not right  , timing is not right, rhythm is not right. then the ball will have more side spin making the ball go left right  or zig zag.
toss the ball up Thats easy  right???
How can one get back the right confidence then the right mood while at play. Start tossing the ball. Hit the ball upwards generating a higher loft, hit the sky, I e increase the launch angle,  after few shots if you have eaten the right food and there is no physical ailments you will get back the right mood.
up the ball to stop side spin

Try,,, keep trying your own methods. There is no holy grail method no answer, to all defects in your shot. No one will ever know including you. Easiest way is to be in jolly mood , not too much , but just the right amount .. Start playing. Feel the difference everything WILL comes right.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

every one can do some thing... well

some can do some not all--well--every one can do some thing... well but every ever one cant do every thing well....identify what gives joy then do it. Always  joyful things are the best to do and will be done to the best of ability.
that's her way of sitting

some can sing,some can act, some can draw,some can write some can write letters better than a type writer, draw cartons etc etc similarly hitting a golf ball -only some can do naturally. Others what ever the  training they undergo what ever the equipment they have they will not be champions.
As for the few who can hit a ball well naturally all what they have to do is to develop confidence. confidence to hit the ball blind folded, confidence to hit the ball blind folded to target, confidence to hit the ball blind folded to distance of choice,confidence to hit the ball blind folded to  fade ,to slice, to draw,to push to pull,to hook,to roll to cut the wind,to go with the wind etc etc. Only thing these natural hitter  need is to develop confidence and develop a steel mind to stay undisturbed under any condition.
such humans elevate to the best possible state in the field they are born with natural skills. Without natural skills one will not be able to achieve the levels worthy of pursuing as a carrier. Suhc talent humans should never try to Chang the style of doing what they love to do as what they have ,the  inherent style of ding things is the best.Any thing different will be a disaster.
there is some thing for all select what is best for you and not be driven by other factors like social acceptance etc   ...

Monday, December 16, 2013


Mind is the fastest moving thing in the world now and for ever with such speeds mind can take you to unimaginable sites. sights, sounds, tastes, feeling, pleasures, and more such worldly attractions enhanced by man made facelifts  to entice the minds then the   body  to come.. such flimsy minds are poor performers in any endeavor. Impossible to hit target in golf.Such diffused minds have poor forces that give sub standard performance in any en devour


diffused forceful thoughts

Concentrated mind is undisturbed, focused, ready to act with success. It is the concentrated focused mind that see the real distance, direction and feel the right pace to hit target.Such focused mind direct all fores to one hence the best results one can get  

focused mind 

See how long you can stay focused on subject.
One can develop this concentration to  several levels with discipline. Ones way of life has a significant bearing on the state of the mind .Too many involvements leads to surface performance.


WEAK MIND ///////////////////////////////////STRONG MIND

Sunday, December 15, 2013

IN GOLF The most important element Or even i any endeour

The most important element that will contribute to the days performance is- FEELING GOOD-

feeling good can do any thing well now

Good feel no one can give you no one can pass no one can sell no one can buy, Without good feel nothing good will happen

Food,sleep, what you see, what you did  day or day before even when the mind is solid a statement by another  or even the during journey what you see and what you hear can finally give feel of the present moment.
can you perform
Strong mind a very strong mins may be able to create good feel by self meditation.

life will end any way doing well or doing bad has no bearing then why not do the best
better fell better doing

One of the best  is  thinking of death the eminent death, certain ending for all is the death.
Then come sot the mind lets to do the best there is no reason to hide or be ashamed.Then why hod back come or go Chicago juts whack the ball. It will find the target.. Get the target to mind before doing it.
whether you any thing or not your end up this. WHY HOLD FOR FEAR OF... WHAT???/

just do it there will be or may be no tomorrow

Mind in action U do not even feel it

Mind in action U do not even feel it  ALL THE TIME.

spacial needs are diffent

It is the mind make you stand up.take the mind away your are on the ground,take out another piece form the mind you will net even crawl along the ground.Take the whole brain away you are brain dead .meaning no physical functions by intention not by un-intention. Only physical action will be the  autonomous system like the hear beat.

To walk one need to balance. that balancing come auto when the mind is good, not so when the person is drunk.
Hitting golf shot to target is from the mind with a total balance baody spining to to give power to the ball.
This act  of hitting target is  near perfect  when the  mind is in near perfect state supported by physcial fiteness as the it the body that fiannly serve the orders of the   MIND.

Golfe course is degine to give uncomftable feeling at time. by the sheer desigh sapcail arrnagemnt.
eg elevated tee when not surround by any objects  give an unbalnced feel--

elevated tee when surrounded  by one side  objects (trees) give an unbalnced feel diffenre to the above
the best feel is when enclose by all three side of the tee on level groudn.

water on landing area given a nother uncmfotbel feel, so is with bunkers, hill, sloes or when the target is not visible.
Thesse  design are effctive only for golfers who has not  developmed to feel only the  the target and nothing esle.At this state of mind all course beocem the same as what matters is ony the distance to target not any thing in bwteeen. It is like the pilot who guide the air carft to destiantion - any where in the world is the same when it is areal.

that hiow top pros play in any course after oned ays of practice,. what made course diffrent is he green. the grrena can make the game very diffrent to the game .Golfer need the bailty to quiclky grasp the feel of the green the floww of the green. I tis only he will know exaclty what pace and what line and what brek. as the break totally dpends on the pace.

Nes ti if the testure of of the fairways. they can make a diffrent .
Only sho can remian the same any wher ein the rold in any cours i ts thee shot. yet most olfer practice tee shots an dnot the most diffuclt put send most difficul chip as chip depends on the texture of the grass and spoil,
Thaink ask how fare U have developmed.

All livng prefred enclosed space Not open air space as that how we were bonr.Nicely enlcsed someghwer with rght temeprate etc. Deviting form these condtion give rise to some kind of metna unablce feel to the lundevelopmn mins.