Thursday, December 19, 2013

every one can do some thing... well

some can do some not all--well--every one can do some thing... well but every ever one cant do every thing well....identify what gives joy then do it. Always  joyful things are the best to do and will be done to the best of ability.
that's her way of sitting

some can sing,some can act, some can draw,some can write some can write letters better than a type writer, draw cartons etc etc similarly hitting a golf ball -only some can do naturally. Others what ever the  training they undergo what ever the equipment they have they will not be champions.
As for the few who can hit a ball well naturally all what they have to do is to develop confidence. confidence to hit the ball blind folded, confidence to hit the ball blind folded to target, confidence to hit the ball blind folded to distance of choice,confidence to hit the ball blind folded to  fade ,to slice, to draw,to push to pull,to hook,to roll to cut the wind,to go with the wind etc etc. Only thing these natural hitter  need is to develop confidence and develop a steel mind to stay undisturbed under any condition.
such humans elevate to the best possible state in the field they are born with natural skills. Without natural skills one will not be able to achieve the levels worthy of pursuing as a carrier. Suhc talent humans should never try to Chang the style of doing what they love to do as what they have ,the  inherent style of ding things is the best.Any thing different will be a disaster.
there is some thing for all select what is best for you and not be driven by other factors like social acceptance etc   ...

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