Thursday, December 26, 2013 Toss the ball Toss the ball: Toss the ball Mood fluctuate , directly proportional to the mind fluctuations. Every thought gives a kind of mood. When the mood is not...

Toss the ball

Toss the ball

Mood fluctuate , directly proportional to the mind fluctuations. Every thought gives a kind of mood. When the mood is not right focus is not right when the focus is not right  , timing is not right, rhythm is not right. then the ball will have more side spin making the ball go left right  or zig zag.
toss the ball up Thats easy  right???
How can one get back the right confidence then the right mood while at play. Start tossing the ball. Hit the ball upwards generating a higher loft, hit the sky, I e increase the launch angle,  after few shots if you have eaten the right food and there is no physical ailments you will get back the right mood.
up the ball to stop side spin

Try,,, keep trying your own methods. There is no holy grail method no answer, to all defects in your shot. No one will ever know including you. Easiest way is to be in jolly mood , not too much , but just the right amount .. Start playing. Feel the difference everything WILL comes right.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

every one can do some thing... well

some can do some not all--well--every one can do some thing... well but every ever one cant do every thing well....identify what gives joy then do it. Always  joyful things are the best to do and will be done to the best of ability.
that's her way of sitting

some can sing,some can act, some can draw,some can write some can write letters better than a type writer, draw cartons etc etc similarly hitting a golf ball -only some can do naturally. Others what ever the  training they undergo what ever the equipment they have they will not be champions.
As for the few who can hit a ball well naturally all what they have to do is to develop confidence. confidence to hit the ball blind folded, confidence to hit the ball blind folded to target, confidence to hit the ball blind folded to distance of choice,confidence to hit the ball blind folded to  fade ,to slice, to draw,to push to pull,to hook,to roll to cut the wind,to go with the wind etc etc. Only thing these natural hitter  need is to develop confidence and develop a steel mind to stay undisturbed under any condition.
such humans elevate to the best possible state in the field they are born with natural skills. Without natural skills one will not be able to achieve the levels worthy of pursuing as a carrier. Suhc talent humans should never try to Chang the style of doing what they love to do as what they have ,the  inherent style of ding things is the best.Any thing different will be a disaster.
there is some thing for all select what is best for you and not be driven by other factors like social acceptance etc   ...

Monday, December 16, 2013


Mind is the fastest moving thing in the world now and for ever with such speeds mind can take you to unimaginable sites. sights, sounds, tastes, feeling, pleasures, and more such worldly attractions enhanced by man made facelifts  to entice the minds then the   body  to come.. such flimsy minds are poor performers in any endeavor. Impossible to hit target in golf.Such diffused minds have poor forces that give sub standard performance in any en devour


diffused forceful thoughts

Concentrated mind is undisturbed, focused, ready to act with success. It is the concentrated focused mind that see the real distance, direction and feel the right pace to hit target.Such focused mind direct all fores to one hence the best results one can get  

focused mind 

See how long you can stay focused on subject.
One can develop this concentration to  several levels with discipline. Ones way of life has a significant bearing on the state of the mind .Too many involvements leads to surface performance.


WEAK MIND ///////////////////////////////////STRONG MIND

Sunday, December 15, 2013

IN GOLF The most important element Or even i any endeour

The most important element that will contribute to the days performance is- FEELING GOOD-

feeling good can do any thing well now

Good feel no one can give you no one can pass no one can sell no one can buy, Without good feel nothing good will happen

Food,sleep, what you see, what you did  day or day before even when the mind is solid a statement by another  or even the during journey what you see and what you hear can finally give feel of the present moment.
can you perform
Strong mind a very strong mins may be able to create good feel by self meditation.

life will end any way doing well or doing bad has no bearing then why not do the best
better fell better doing

One of the best  is  thinking of death the eminent death, certain ending for all is the death.
Then come sot the mind lets to do the best there is no reason to hide or be ashamed.Then why hod back come or go Chicago juts whack the ball. It will find the target.. Get the target to mind before doing it.
whether you any thing or not your end up this. WHY HOLD FOR FEAR OF... WHAT???/

just do it there will be or may be no tomorrow

Mind in action U do not even feel it

Mind in action U do not even feel it  ALL THE TIME.

spacial needs are diffent

It is the mind make you stand up.take the mind away your are on the ground,take out another piece form the mind you will net even crawl along the ground.Take the whole brain away you are brain dead .meaning no physical functions by intention not by un-intention. Only physical action will be the  autonomous system like the hear beat.

To walk one need to balance. that balancing come auto when the mind is good, not so when the person is drunk.
Hitting golf shot to target is from the mind with a total balance baody spining to to give power to the ball.
This act  of hitting target is  near perfect  when the  mind is in near perfect state supported by physcial fiteness as the it the body that fiannly serve the orders of the   MIND.

Golfe course is degine to give uncomftable feeling at time. by the sheer desigh sapcail arrnagemnt.
eg elevated tee when not surround by any objects  give an unbalnced feel--

elevated tee when surrounded  by one side  objects (trees) give an unbalnced feel diffenre to the above
the best feel is when enclose by all three side of the tee on level groudn.

water on landing area given a nother uncmfotbel feel, so is with bunkers, hill, sloes or when the target is not visible.
Thesse  design are effctive only for golfers who has not  developmed to feel only the  the target and nothing esle.At this state of mind all course beocem the same as what matters is ony the distance to target not any thing in bwteeen. It is like the pilot who guide the air carft to destiantion - any where in the world is the same when it is areal.

that hiow top pros play in any course after oned ays of practice,. what made course diffrent is he green. the grrena can make the game very diffrent to the game .Golfer need the bailty to quiclky grasp the feel of the green the floww of the green. I tis only he will know exaclty what pace and what line and what brek. as the break totally dpends on the pace.

Nes ti if the testure of of the fairways. they can make a diffrent .
Only sho can remian the same any wher ein the rold in any cours i ts thee shot. yet most olfer practice tee shots an dnot the most diffuclt put send most difficul chip as chip depends on the texture of the grass and spoil,
Thaink ask how fare U have developmed.

All livng prefred enclosed space Not open air space as that how we were bonr.Nicely enlcsed someghwer with rght temeprate etc. Deviting form these condtion give rise to some kind of metna unablce feel to the lundevelopmn mins.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Urge , purposeless wondering mind or chasing pleasures, a wasteful time

Man with Such mind is like a crab dancing in the pot of water- waiting  to be boiled. Certainly not for any kind top sporting achievers.

some men will dream all day ,make efforts  chasing and chasing this one ,or some thing related like hanging around places where such picks are possible.This urge destroy the other urge needed to hit the ball to target. Make it a controlled desire not all day  , then before and after. Stay  CONSCIOUS of the moment and ask is the urge, the though good for ME.or why not let my desire focus on what i need most and good form me and my  golf. If not worth  then------remember it is not a crime to have such urge -Point is you must be aware of the waste fullness.and the results


Ask yourself what urge is there in you mind now, moment before,

 even before, yesterday day, day -before and so on. Be true to

yourself if the urge you had not helpful in Golf your way of life is 

for a mediocre golfer. So be satisfied with mediocre performance 

not even to your fullest potential.

it is the urge than send the ball to target

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tiger woods never changed his swing deliberately

Clear water bay Malaysia-  -. Fitness fanatic Golf legend Gary Player 72 who does 100 sit ups daily reveled to Damaru golf --
Tiger Woods, before he changed his swing, was on target to smash Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 major championship victories.
"There's never been a man with the talent of Tiger Woods has  Said to Damaru Golf  recently in Kula Lumpur
"When he won the (2000) U.S. Open by 15 shots, he was on his way to destroying all records. He would have won close to 30 majors the way he was going - and then he changes his swing."
"Obviously one is always ambitious and wanting to get better and better and you've got to admire a man for doing that.
"But then he has many coaches (and) this coach is teaching him that, this coach is teaching him this.
"He gets swinging different ways, gets a bit confused, loses a bit of confidence and it takes time to restore it."
But Woods has always insisted he had one good reason to change his swing despite his success.
"You can always become better," he told the television program '60 Minutes' in 2006.
Woods turned professional in 1996 and was coached by Butch Harmon until 2002, before switching to Hank Haney.
He was successful under both coaches - accruing 14 major titles between the 1997 Masters and the 2008 U.S. Open.
But he has not won a major in more than five years and at the age of 37 remains stranded four Grand Slam titles short of matching Nicklaus.
Woods, who is now coached by Sean Foley after splitting with Haney in 2010, has not lost the ability to win regular tournaments.
He has regained his world number one ranking by piling up victories in non-major tournaments, but it is no secret he covets majors and a place in history more than anything else in golf.
"He wins five tournaments this year after all the difficulties and adversities he went through," continued Player, one of only five men to win all four Grand Slam titles - the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and U.S. PGA Championship.
"I'm a big admirer of that. To win five tournaments is absolutely wonderful but he would give all five away, I'm sure if you asked him, to win one major because what he's got to do now is beat Nicklaus's 18 majors and that's a difficult task but if anyone can do it it's Tiger Woods."
Woods' 2000 U.S. Open victory was only his third major title, but it was the start of an astonishing run of six major wins in nine starts.
Rarely, if ever, has a performance more impressed his fellow competitors. Woods increased his lead after every round at Pebble Beach, despite a triple bogey during the third round.
Four-time major champion Ernie Els, who tied for second, said at the time: "It seems like we're not playing in the same ballpark right now.
"When he's on, you don't have much of a chance. ... I guess if I played out of my mind, I probably still would have lost by five, six, seven."

Damaru Golf  Tech analyst opinion  .is .

media talk by stars are media talk. they talk what public love to listen

Tiger woods never changed his swing  deliberately to get a better shot on target -look before and after  supposed changes ,they are all natural changes that take place over time with maturity of body and mind. Such Changes are part and parcel of life

The change was  only in his mind. Tigers mind changed  dramatically after father died, then comes the horrible experience in life with his wife The most stressful period of any man or women in life is probably the divorce. With so many complications after, other girls going public, and all that.  Tigers mind naturally will be in total disarray- he is currently playing ,with a mind disturbed by the absence of kids near him or as he please. Even  steel minded Tiger is now under some level of disturbance. Despite this sub level performance he can still be worlds number one. Imagine what would have been if he still had his father by the side and played how he did in 2006.

Tiger is a super man like all other humans that rose way way above the average. This is due to inborn talent and by the sheer confidence they have on them selves how things work at best for them.

Tiger does not need any coach .  Any Coach  will need him more for a better stature.

Damaru golf tech analyst does not subscribe to the belief that coaches have no role to play. They are in deed a necessity for any champion. But not for swing changes but for total care of the player so as allow the player to be in pristine condition for the game.

Golf swing is like  the inherent smile or the walk or the voice of a person that cannot be changed permanently. Any deliberate changes will not last.. certainly not in crisis. Like hitting a to the hole on an island  green 160 yards away.
Tiger never change the swing deliberately if he did he would not be even number  one today.

No man will ever know exactly what went wrong  with the shot till ,man invent a precise way of measuring  what is going on the mind and then the ability to relate  to the physical action exactly .

DamarU  GolF

Saturday, November 16, 2013

when deeply inerrested nothing else creep into the mind -HUNGER IS THE NEED

when thirsty , very hungry, nothing else come to the mind than getting water  & food

when deeply interested , nothing else creep into the mind- recollect past memories,  as kids when you needed the toy, sweets, later when you needed your favorite food, even more later when in romance –the thoughts-mind were engrossed totally .,there was no room for any other thought. Or when ,run you made fearing a snake or dog. Or… Or even the wood you eat when U were really really hungry
when hungry , very hungry nothing else come to the mind than getting food

If the golfer is deeply interested in the shot in hand to destroy the target. Mind will not have room for any other thought than destroying the target with the  tiny ball. THAT'S THE ONLY JOY.  Make the target your urge to destroy, like in the battle where your life is threatened if you failed to get the enemy on target.
in romance nothing else come to mind

There is no other  mental  training needed. Get interested in  shooting.

Develop hunger to shoot at target. Golf is a  target game not a dance at the stance .How you do -matters very little if you hit the target.

PRACTICE do things ,play other games,break routine, not allow rusting) TO BE HUNGRY TO   PLAY --EVERY THING COME RIGHT -Over practice too is bad,Under practice may allow rust.Get the right combination ,Practice, breaks, physical training, other complimentary supporting game etc etc WAY OF LIFE  that support best perfomance


no thirst to drink

over eaten no hunger to eat similarly at time over practice or over play kills desire to play - results will be horrible.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

how can this skill be elevated to a level one can hit closed eyes


Helper say now 3/4 swing -will this help? if the ball  is over he will say now half swing, will it help, now the ball is the water  ? he will say little more than that ,then will be at the edge of the green. Is it necessary for another to say more, less etc etc Can this be achieved in a driving range  for accurate distance -NO- balls different, surrounding different ,take off surface different, then is it possible to achieve in a academy -You decide ? 

Take note  visuals of the surroundings give different feels.Open air, vast greens with no trees  anywhere near , is the most difficult as judgments are so lonely. Try doing this  in a dessert or on top of tall building,, see only the vast sky

certainly not by using   
  9 o clock  etc Mind must be simply free to feel the shot, the distance etc not any thinking like 12 o clock ..

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Schooling to learn golf

Schooling to learn golf
Did he school?
When schooled What comes out are equal- almost.
To be a champion of extraordinary one has to be  schooled  differently very differently  to the 10000000 of schools. 
how did this Giant learn to swim ???

I.e Out of the of ways to reach above the crowd. That METHOD   is all almost always  comes form within. Curated by self driven by unending reservoir of drive ,passion, joy  love of the game.
Unwavering desire find its own unique path to the top to match the talent one is born with.
All have inherent talents, some talents to do something not all talent to do all things. Allow them to grow without interference. You have yours, i have mine


May be - good entertainment but a killer of feel senses

every invented machine reduce a  faculty of  human body

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

hitting 1000 s of balls standing in one place is a destructive act

teaching- teaching- teaching all over  , How many go out as champs????

Civilizations has given rise to teaching, coaching almost all aspects of life .Today these  teaching encroach the natural skills inherently present will almost all.  Like hitting as tone to defend.
But now  they are in search of acquiring with the intention of developing further. Is hit possible  ???? Think
Can walking be improved by another , the style, the mechanism etc. May be possible to  change for few hours, or few  days  but the original style will come back. It will never be possible to change the style of your smile for longer  period May be few  hours like done by actors. Still they are never nice to look at
It is certainly a must to teach  alphabet, maths, science atomic science rocket science  etc As they are all not natural skills  but man made knowledge. Can we extend this teaching method to artistic skills like Music, Art, Sports. Answer is  a  clear NO. Why  .the skill that needed to perform  instantly  , spontaneously that  fits the    moment are all within  self. They are born with the skills, polished and honed further by constructive practice.

hit, hit ,hit ,hit and hit.GOLF IS NOT A GAME OF STANDING AND HITTING IN ONE PLACE. It is game that change constantly both you and the surroundings  

Lee travino said only thing you get out of drivng range practice is pocket full of balls.
Is it possible for another to help better these natural skills.  Answer is Yes !How can another help. By way of motivation, guiding the drills, exercises, food, way of life for the sportsmen to be at peak performance   juts ready to deliver for the event  not late not before but juts in time. The peak is almost always has as short life span .may be for days or weeks certainly for years.
That act of guiding is an art too , done by trial and error that keep changing with time, place, etc. ie there is NO proven holly-grail method of such guidance for success full performance . Keep trying relentlessly is the answer. Not forgetting there is limit to the number of muscles and bone movements more you use shorter the life span. So ensure you do practice retaining  your   inner urge to practice daily  with muscles ever ready to get in to action. Not going to practice as a MUST  do attitude  .Instead  driven by desire inside
When you feel exhausted even a little ,it is time to stop rest recover and come back. Do not do repeated practice over and over again aimlessly. That’s  a huge cost in terms of life span utilization. All muscle bones ligament have limited life span. They do not have unlimited elastic power. Resting will get back to certain extent not fully,, till rested in full ,,,,fed  all nutrient needed

Eg hitting 1000 s of  balls standing in one place is a destructive act as this will   accelerate  the back  bone ,ligament and more injury to all moving joints. Ensure every hit has a good reason .not just hit to say I hit 1000  balls today or even 100- That’s  stupid

Feeling inside

Feeling inside
Weather, winter, summer, elevation temperature humidity,  scenes , objects,  living  non living ,  signboards   ,colors, sounds , smell, tastes , sensation,  day  time ,night time, full moon , no moon ,days  all effect the feeling inside you. Feeling inside you directly effects  both mental and physical performance. 
spirited gallop is within.Not by external force.

When a person is used to a surrounding conditions  any changes  will effect the performance. Developed mind can   maintain some balance  despite the changes in  out  side.  The good feel inside will  result in good  performance ,will give out more than what you have inside. Bad feel will result in bad performance  worse than what you have in side ie sub level to your potential .
Music  , good smell , good  taste,  good scene, regenerative meditation can enhance the good feel of a player Or even the  good acts of  you  or even by your loved ones.As it comes to your mind.Just a smile can do wonders  
wouldnt you feel good when comes running to you

Select what is  best  for  you , get it ,recreate the states  at your will some what similar to our own bodies that try to maintaining constant temperature without our  effort. So the good feel will come to you as and when it is needed.  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chasing a claimed holy grail of a successful golf technique.

Chasing a claimed holy grail  of a successful golf technique.


What is - the successful, proven holy grail   of golf technique.   to answer
Look at first top 100 golfers ,extend to 500 then to 1000 then to  all zero or minus  handicappers.

You  will see one common thing in all.That   is all of them are,uniquely different ,different  from each other- unique to self, Hence the style of hitting the ball to target.- different-ie. there are countless way of doing the right thing-

Like countless  shapes  of faces,  countless  styles of smile , countless styles of walking,countless tones of voices .There exist   countless way of hitting the ball to target.
Who knows it -ONLY SELF- A CONFIDENT SELF ONLY-it is you who should discover what is best  for self .not  a  another

Every shot is  a creative , tailor made shot unique to the player and situation .Trying to follow a book or another predetermined style/method elswhere, how to hit !is a disaster .There is no such thing as  muscle memory all memory are in the nervous  system.Golf  memories are exclusively  in the brain and never in the spinal cord for autonomous reaction like the knee jerk.

Why ? because player   has a task not just a blind swing but a task of hitting a target in varying conditions not in uniform enclosed constant conditions hence every shot is  creative shot.IT MUST COME  FROM THE BRAIN TAILOR MADE ,NOT FROM THE BOOK OR ELSWEHRE

All golfers have this talent.-the natural talent-.take it, accept it ,keep it , polish it, develop it .Then it  will grow with you , will change with your age ,it will be fluid,Confident. if the interest is intense- -DEEP -UNWAVERING -DEDICATED - swing changes will be Auto , not a conscious effort of change  that is pseudo swing-no different to change of  walking style emulating another . that never brings any it will not retain for long

damaru golf tech-

so is -stock market invesment- there is no holy grail method

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

inner something


Once upon a time a junior low handicapped  golfer met a renowned golf pro- pro seen the potential of the player volunteered advice. This was one of them. How to control the ball the most important part of the game in this  instance  it was only on distance not direction.
 He demonstrated  when the full swing is 100 yards by  the pitching wedge – to get 75 yards is  simple, just  make a three quarter swing and play the same shot, for 50 half swing , so on,so forth for other shots .
Give it a try

As the golfer was impressed with the advice he did so during the rest of the practice and started playing the game as practiced. Rest  was a   DISASTER. WHY mind was more on how much  the back swing is and not on target, he further realized there are many other shots that come between like 80,  90 or 40 etc  even more  varieties needed when the playing against the wind and with the wind. Previously he was playing with the feel,  Seen the target, will result in the whole body preparing to send the ball to target There are no measurements  just feel ,like the expert cook adding right amount of salt by feel to taste right . He was reasonably successful  then. he has to develop all over again As he recollect his previous experience where another said just  go down the grip to control distance. Result was the same. Disaster.
Golf like any other artistry is a game of feel,  both direction and distance come from feel, sensation and  not  predetermined mechanical act Not much from the back swing is  But  something from inside the mind get the whole body to coordinate to hit the ball to target, if you have this feel develop it . if you do not have take another recreation .

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

turth has no money . free has to be seeked

I believed trusted followed  the said methods all talk about. Realized that’s a dead end. So this thinking -out of the framed concepts-THEN  tried tested and now certain that’s the way. This goes not only for golf but for all aspects in life. In a capitalistic world where only money talks the truth is hidden.There is no or little money in it.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

stop following-stop being coached

Being or been trained and  followed by a pro or any  is to  make your self another -me too- i.e another equivalent player elsewhere- that does not make you a winner at best will equal to another.That will not make you a winner, you have to be different very different to beat the rest. If there is passion -sustainable passion and that little gene of talent no one can stop reaching the best possible ,finding new ways.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Training a Racing horse- how- to gallop is stupid... Training a Racing horse- how- to gallop is stupid...: Teaching a Racing horse how to gallop is stupid. The thing trainer needs to do to horse is to condition the horse to be in peak state -b...

Training a Racing horse- how- to gallop is stupid.

Teaching a Racing horse how to gallop is stupid. The thing trainer needs to do to horse is to condition the horse to be in peak state -both mind and body for the event in hand. Similarly  teaching a golfer who has hit reasonably consistently to target does not require any tweaking of the swing or any physical ways grip etc . But condition the player to peak for the event in hand. ie. Condition-- the mind and body. This artistic effort  has no holy-grail method but trial and error- involves food, drills physical training and mental training and way of life .Tweaking the swing will result in total disaster. Attempted change  will never stay. Like the curved  tail of a dog Will come back to its natural state. So is the walk, smile of the individual.They are inherent ways that cannot be changed with any success. But Will come back to the natural swing of the player.
disciplined training may at times require a break depending on the state threshold values of the individual, This is to stay charged as a way of life.Changes in the style of hit take place all the time as the player matures. Thats natural change is a result of maturing mind and body. Enthusiastic golfer will achieve a state of finely tuned balanced,fluid, hit with time.

Tiger was born with the style that developed with time to a fluid balanced hit.There had never been a deliberate attempt to change with the objective of getting the ball to target.That style is permanent what he does is relentless training both physical mind and of course his natural way of life totally geared  for performance.With or with out a coach he will be Tiger the worlds number one.Now alone with no commercial relationship naming loud-who is the coach
there are many other legends who openly describe- born with talent- race horse like -followed enthusiastic self training to be there. Such as Nadal, Bolt,Serena,Jim , Buba and more more more--

Monday, June 10, 2013


Clear mind clear action

MIND-  appears,  disappears, ,change shape, color,density, finally precipitate as rain. Rain can be small, or  heavy

DISCIPLINED MIND  just like clouds constantly change  disappears, appear resulting in small rains or no rain, such mind is will generate either no action or poor action as the mind is clouded doubtful ..

disciplined  mind is a cloud  in  shape, density increased that will result in rains- heavy. such mind is equivalent to focused mind with Crystal clear thought resting in crisp no doubt state -will result in perfect action to the fullest ability. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mind driven Practice

design practice to entertain  self  with every shot rather than driven by  the  amounts to do in terms of hours , number of balls , number of holes., Instead make every practice shot to target a learning experience hit  new shots while mastering the existing shots -U- know ,and see,feel,measure  your self ,improvements day by day . That s mind driven practice not amount driven practice    LALI.ELITE.GOLF

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WHY is your ball not getting to ??????

it is the mind that send the ball to target, direction and distance from 10 inches to 10 yards to 100 yards to 300 yards - control is totally in MIND ,direction and distance.

 mind did  not alert him to act rightly

Monday, May 27, 2013

stay focused with every shot or do not shoot

poor mind-poor golf- poor conduct

It is better to hit few balls with full focus on every shot ,than 1000 s of ball s with no focus. Focus means attempting to hit target,stay and retain the feel of successful shots then repeating.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Keep your smile -AS IT IS- So is with..

Keep your smile as it is So is with..Your golf style.

Rember if you can your first smile just a widening of the mouth, then slowly growing to a wider fuller smile.
So is with your golf ,the way you play the way you swing.Changing the style will be disaster just like the way you will look with an artificial smile that does  not belong to you

Your game is yours , now one can play like you nor can you emulate another one But you certainly can fluid it , polish it, smmoothen it so that fluency and artistry will come and will be nice to look at. Just like the way you started smiling.
Keep trying hitting target when U hit Target- that becomes your style keep it-- not trying to find a style that get the ball to target that's the faulty method and will not retain with you.

There are no two faces alike, there are no smile S alike there are no TWO golf styles alike, stay with yours with your  conviction on self  it is good for U .