Saturday, November 23, 2013

Urge , purposeless wondering mind or chasing pleasures, a wasteful time

Man with Such mind is like a crab dancing in the pot of water- waiting  to be boiled. Certainly not for any kind top sporting achievers.

some men will dream all day ,make efforts  chasing and chasing this one ,or some thing related like hanging around places where such picks are possible.This urge destroy the other urge needed to hit the ball to target. Make it a controlled desire not all day  , then before and after. Stay  CONSCIOUS of the moment and ask is the urge, the though good for ME.or why not let my desire focus on what i need most and good form me and my  golf. If not worth  then------remember it is not a crime to have such urge -Point is you must be aware of the waste fullness.and the results


Ask yourself what urge is there in you mind now, moment before,

 even before, yesterday day, day -before and so on. Be true to

yourself if the urge you had not helpful in Golf your way of life is 

for a mediocre golfer. So be satisfied with mediocre performance 

not even to your fullest potential.

it is the urge than send the ball to target

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