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Tiger woods never changed his swing deliberately

Clear water bay Malaysia-  -. Fitness fanatic Golf legend Gary Player 72 who does 100 sit ups daily reveled to Damaru golf --
Tiger Woods, before he changed his swing, was on target to smash Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 major championship victories.
"There's never been a man with the talent of Tiger Woods has  Said to Damaru Golf  recently in Kula Lumpur
"When he won the (2000) U.S. Open by 15 shots, he was on his way to destroying all records. He would have won close to 30 majors the way he was going - and then he changes his swing."
"Obviously one is always ambitious and wanting to get better and better and you've got to admire a man for doing that.
"But then he has many coaches (and) this coach is teaching him that, this coach is teaching him this.
"He gets swinging different ways, gets a bit confused, loses a bit of confidence and it takes time to restore it."
But Woods has always insisted he had one good reason to change his swing despite his success.
"You can always become better," he told the television program '60 Minutes' in 2006.
Woods turned professional in 1996 and was coached by Butch Harmon until 2002, before switching to Hank Haney.
He was successful under both coaches - accruing 14 major titles between the 1997 Masters and the 2008 U.S. Open.
But he has not won a major in more than five years and at the age of 37 remains stranded four Grand Slam titles short of matching Nicklaus.
Woods, who is now coached by Sean Foley after splitting with Haney in 2010, has not lost the ability to win regular tournaments.
He has regained his world number one ranking by piling up victories in non-major tournaments, but it is no secret he covets majors and a place in history more than anything else in golf.
"He wins five tournaments this year after all the difficulties and adversities he went through," continued Player, one of only five men to win all four Grand Slam titles - the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and U.S. PGA Championship.
"I'm a big admirer of that. To win five tournaments is absolutely wonderful but he would give all five away, I'm sure if you asked him, to win one major because what he's got to do now is beat Nicklaus's 18 majors and that's a difficult task but if anyone can do it it's Tiger Woods."
Woods' 2000 U.S. Open victory was only his third major title, but it was the start of an astonishing run of six major wins in nine starts.
Rarely, if ever, has a performance more impressed his fellow competitors. Woods increased his lead after every round at Pebble Beach, despite a triple bogey during the third round.
Four-time major champion Ernie Els, who tied for second, said at the time: "It seems like we're not playing in the same ballpark right now.
"When he's on, you don't have much of a chance. ... I guess if I played out of my mind, I probably still would have lost by five, six, seven."

Damaru Golf  Tech analyst opinion  .is .

media talk by stars are media talk. they talk what public love to listen

Tiger woods never changed his swing  deliberately to get a better shot on target -look before and after  supposed changes ,they are all natural changes that take place over time with maturity of body and mind. Such Changes are part and parcel of life

The change was  only in his mind. Tigers mind changed  dramatically after father died, then comes the horrible experience in life with his wife The most stressful period of any man or women in life is probably the divorce. With so many complications after, other girls going public, and all that.  Tigers mind naturally will be in total disarray- he is currently playing ,with a mind disturbed by the absence of kids near him or as he please. Even  steel minded Tiger is now under some level of disturbance. Despite this sub level performance he can still be worlds number one. Imagine what would have been if he still had his father by the side and played how he did in 2006.

Tiger is a super man like all other humans that rose way way above the average. This is due to inborn talent and by the sheer confidence they have on them selves how things work at best for them.

Tiger does not need any coach .  Any Coach  will need him more for a better stature.

Damaru golf tech analyst does not subscribe to the belief that coaches have no role to play. They are in deed a necessity for any champion. But not for swing changes but for total care of the player so as allow the player to be in pristine condition for the game.

Golf swing is like  the inherent smile or the walk or the voice of a person that cannot be changed permanently. Any deliberate changes will not last.. certainly not in crisis. Like hitting a to the hole on an island  green 160 yards away.
Tiger never change the swing deliberately if he did he would not be even number  one today.

No man will ever know exactly what went wrong  with the shot till ,man invent a precise way of measuring  what is going on the mind and then the ability to relate  to the physical action exactly .

DamarU  GolF

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