Monday, April 28, 2014

little physical laws Good to know

Toss the ball when the feeling is not right

Toss the ball when not feeling right- soon U will be ok.Then get back to your normal play
Mood fluctuate , directly proportional to the mind fluctuations. Every thought gives a kind of mood. When the mood is not right focus is not right when the focus is not right  , timing is not right, rhythm is not right. then the ball will have more side spin making the ball go left right  or zig zag.
How can one get back the right confidence then the right mood. Start tossing the ball. Hit the ball upwards generating a higher loft, hit the sky, I e increase the launch angle  after few shots if you have eaten the right food and there is no physical ailments you will get back the right mood.

Learning and delivering are two different things VERY DIFFERENT

Learning and delivering are two different things  VERY DIFFERENT

No one gets out
Learning or acquiring and delivering are widely two different acts. Most golfers are attempting to learn all  the time ,hence carry on with the same mentality even when playing a game to the best of ability.. When it comes to playing a game it is delivering what you know .both knowledge and skills. Any attempt to learn when playing a game is suicidal.
Nutty professor learn all life without delivering any to any.

 To much in the head is like a  over filled bus where every one rushing to the door to get out and not one gets to get out

the right feel , ready to deliver


It is good to think less and enjoy more of real good things in Golf-Hitting Target

Box trained Box Play no instinct no  creativity No spirit

Today world- measure  intelligence by the exams passed.On that yardstick.  Is  there any who excelled in big and  big exams have  achieved equally in sports,business,  music,arts  etc Answer is simply NO.
Why ? This  supposed measurement of intelligence is based on  tests of 

1-memory,2-analysis within a box,  3 how good in following theories made by  the ....Ie obedience at time blindly to pleas the examiner

These skills   are harmful to entrepreneurship,sport  -golf-,musics and arts.Why?

thinking too much on this and that halt the real work to do as the junction is always with so many options and choices.Result is just stay put.and not do- or do it very carefully within labs

One other other hand if one s thinking is limited or having the ability to bock off -discard totally what is unwanted-to what he loves to do he is driven to what he loves most -and not considering nor seen any other options or riks.JUST DO.

Same applies to golf -Say at the tee box if mind gets all kinds of lessons he has undergone ,practiced then seen all possible ways of ballor body movements this hitter will sure be a non starter.Or a miserable in any endeavor of artistry.

It is good to be little foolish by the yard stick of exams passed.As then you will be driven by what you love most.And if  you are a balanced person almost always what you love most, will always give you a livelihood.-Just do it if you love it- keep doing it -you will reach your limits.Thats what life  is about - not holding back what you love most and then pass  of from this world doing nothing well.


A shot that fits the moment Not practiced elsewhere

Every shot is a  creative shot, created  to fit the situation , not a shot  of repetition practiced elsewhere.



How did he get this distance direction for the jump.A school???

Are some  special skills some have on some matters  in life. It is the sniff that gets Ants  to their food, It is the instincts that give the monkeys they can jump far to the next branch, Even plants it is the instincts that direct top to the sun and roots to the water.
Men in the olden age had lot so of instincts, from the ability to feel rain, dangers of animals, nearby water, Directions, etc. Hitting moving targets was one of them. Most have departed since the invention of convenience.
Golfer- it is the instincts that give them the feel of direction and distance. On the green the uh need pace and the break.
Do you have them. If so make use of them If not find another game.

Do not run for help when things go wrong –No one can help but your self.It is game of the loners who have instincts, confidence on self. TRUST YOUR SELF

Ants  finding Sugar  How???
10 foot put with breka to left- How did he feel the pace and the break.
did he measure ?? In school and repeated ???

Monday, April 14, 2014

Self-taught creative Bubba Watson win second US Masters

Bubbas mind is on the hit on target Does not matter how
BUBBA IS OUR KIND OF PLAYER-  Just hit the ball to enjoy

Deadly strike  of  Bubba

A small-town guy  No formal Golf training -named Bubba now has two green jacket That cool man. And joyy fully done not haing to follow how to swing like in the books!own guy named Bubba now has two green jackets
DID he learn his game from FROM BOOK OR BOOK LIKES --- NO

DID he learn his drive long and accurate from ? -NO
DID he learn his  approach shot to the green from ?-NO
DID he learn his  bunker  shots from ?-NO
DID he learn his  from  putting from  ?-NO
DID he learn his   tempo to complete a cool game  from   ? -NO

HOW CAN ANY LEARN EVERY POSSIBLE SHOT OF 280 NEEDED TO MAKE A WINNING   GAME. How many crafty creative shots are  needed to complete a wining game ? How many crafty creative shots are executed in different situation to complete  a wining game. Can nay on teach these shots before game ? 
Bubbas popular gesture

Yes it possible for as student   to p[ass maths physics,chemistry with help of tition. But can a golfer play multifaceted shots in multifaceted situation  by getting tution like coaching?? NO Not possible.
All Alone on the huge space it is the cool mind that generate all the suitable hits needed ,creative shots to get the targets, the long puts, the chips the approach shots and all of the winning  shots  are tailor made  instantly to fit the situation and not pre made and executed.  Do  not even dream of doing that
BUBBA THE winner two time in three years 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

pay to get nothing

Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing

think ??????

look at the vast nuber of schools and then find how many come out as champions then think wuld they have come out as champions even without  going to  school

how did Einstein
  learn, picasso, Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Jim Fyrik Buba  and more Serena william , Bolt, and even more.......

what is  said above is valid only for a fraction or golfers  most need some guidance from  a school



Yes luck is needed for success in any field. The fact – limbs are well, and have grown up to be healthy youth and more so being about to  play game like golf itself indicate beyond doubt all golfer  have plenty of luck. During the game luck will then be auto. How to get even more. Simple just be good to yourself and to others so that you will feel good about yourself. It is  simple ,easy and natural.
It is impossible to feel god if you are not good to yourself, it is even more when your are not good to others, then you will not feel good with yourself, All will  go upside down ,not in golf but  will other endeavors  too.

2013 MayBank Malaysian Open @ KLGC Kiradech won beating way better ranked Golfers
  a blesing tap FOR WIN by DAMRU Media - during storm break@KLGCC
Kiradech won.

Kiradech Apibanrat was  Anujit Hirunaratanakorn. Name was changed with rituals in Buddhist monastery as guided by his parents in north of Thailand. He attributes his professional golf success to name change.  Well it is very possible as he felt good about his new name considering previous name is difficult to  pronounce  and for  others to call him.

If you feel something has to be done to feel good  about your self to raise to the next level then do it. But not without doing the hard intelligent work of constructive practice  and feeling good about what you have done to be a better  golfer.

Tiger Woods  was told He will be  legend ,at a Thai monastery when he visited with his mother as a kid  

How to play Golf or any Game --Careful

How to play Golf or any Game  --Careful ,OR  Careless –

Hey- Just play the game in the same way the game is supposed to  play- ENJOY- and feel good  playing. All will fall in to the right place and will be played with right tempo

play to  enjoy
small or big, big money or small money- Play the same normal game  always, Make it way off play.Enjoy

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mastering Golf is not similar to learning rocket science. It is Just a simple act.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."
 eg learning  Mastering Golf.

GOLF-OR ANY SPORT -  is not like this 


Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."
 eg learning  Mastering Golf.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


  • "Imagination of  target ,ball path   is more important than knowledge.of "head,swing,plane and more