Sunday, April 6, 2014



Yes luck is needed for success in any field. The fact – limbs are well, and have grown up to be healthy youth and more so being about to  play game like golf itself indicate beyond doubt all golfer  have plenty of luck. During the game luck will then be auto. How to get even more. Simple just be good to yourself and to others so that you will feel good about yourself. It is  simple ,easy and natural.
It is impossible to feel god if you are not good to yourself, it is even more when your are not good to others, then you will not feel good with yourself, All will  go upside down ,not in golf but  will other endeavors  too.

2013 MayBank Malaysian Open @ KLGC Kiradech won beating way better ranked Golfers
  a blesing tap FOR WIN by DAMRU Media - during storm break@KLGCC
Kiradech won.

Kiradech Apibanrat was  Anujit Hirunaratanakorn. Name was changed with rituals in Buddhist monastery as guided by his parents in north of Thailand. He attributes his professional golf success to name change.  Well it is very possible as he felt good about his new name considering previous name is difficult to  pronounce  and for  others to call him.

If you feel something has to be done to feel good  about your self to raise to the next level then do it. But not without doing the hard intelligent work of constructive practice  and feeling good about what you have done to be a better  golfer.

Tiger Woods  was told He will be  legend ,at a Thai monastery when he visited with his mother as a kid  

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