Monday, April 28, 2014

It is good to think less and enjoy more of real good things in Golf-Hitting Target

Box trained Box Play no instinct no  creativity No spirit

Today world- measure  intelligence by the exams passed.On that yardstick.  Is  there any who excelled in big and  big exams have  achieved equally in sports,business,  music,arts  etc Answer is simply NO.
Why ? This  supposed measurement of intelligence is based on  tests of 

1-memory,2-analysis within a box,  3 how good in following theories made by  the ....Ie obedience at time blindly to pleas the examiner

These skills   are harmful to entrepreneurship,sport  -golf-,musics and arts.Why?

thinking too much on this and that halt the real work to do as the junction is always with so many options and choices.Result is just stay put.and not do- or do it very carefully within labs

One other other hand if one s thinking is limited or having the ability to bock off -discard totally what is unwanted-to what he loves to do he is driven to what he loves most -and not considering nor seen any other options or riks.JUST DO.

Same applies to golf -Say at the tee box if mind gets all kinds of lessons he has undergone ,practiced then seen all possible ways of ballor body movements this hitter will sure be a non starter.Or a miserable in any endeavor of artistry.

It is good to be little foolish by the yard stick of exams passed.As then you will be driven by what you love most.And if  you are a balanced person almost always what you love most, will always give you a livelihood.-Just do it if you love it- keep doing it -you will reach your limits.Thats what life  is about - not holding back what you love most and then pass  of from this world doing nothing well.

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