Monday, November 2, 2015

calling PGM Golfers who are surviving marginally

calling PGM Golfers who are surviving marginally read par 2

Yes we know you have no venue  to practice, we know running around in buggies will not improve your game- we know you have no sponsors to help- even with a cut expense will be able to cover. Resort playing golf competitions.
So you are part time golfers. Well still can keep trying correctly not wasting away your time.
You are good golfers who can play scratch gofers you are pedigree golfers -It is a crime to give up due to no funds Malaysia need golfers.You do not need coaches buy only some space to practice- You know ball control is the essence of the game. This can only be achieved by practice- by practice alone-
So here is a suggestion by the thinking golfer with you in mind.You are among the hundreds of PGM   Golfers - You out number the rest who can afford the game Yet you are the future- Keep going-
Some how nature support the valiant efforts.
we pray 250 plus golfer  courses will recognize  PGM card ad allow you all to practice freely- no buggy - no green  fees. like found great golf playing nations-
Besides we know every state can afford a public course at nominal fee-for non PGM card holders to practice and earn the PGM card.

it is inside you that has potential to be a great player and not inside another

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