Monday, June 15, 2015

Tiger woods does not need any coach ,if needs any one to help it will be only

dedicated to the golfers who try hard but not getting anywhere!
this is what Tiger needs- to talk,to feel good to guide- to assure ,and more,-every thing else will follow auto But then how can he bring father back? So is Tiger permanently out of contention in the absence of father????

Tiger woods does not need any coach ,if  needs any one to help it will be only his father That is for emotional support not to teach Golf .Tiger is a born golfer Just like a stallion who knows how best to to gallop .Tiger knows how to play golf –All he needs to get OUT, let out - what is inside  him. is emotional support that can come from his father ONLY.
LOOK at this picture it is farce how can??
is this a miracle touch that turns golfer in to champions a kind of mill that continually produce champions. Golf shot is not a pre recorded pre practiced pre programmed shot, But  a creative shot that fits the situations. Wonder what can any do at the corner of the course spending time looking at body movements and  and attempting to correct all life-oops   supposedly  correct

By getting the back right How can  one ensure ball getting to target? Back is auto adjusted by the mind of Balance inside head some where with the help of ears eyes feel.- not by conscious force.Getting target is a result of pace and direction inside the mind . Back has nothing   much to do but mind has lot to do By touching or correcting the back mind  will not come right. By getting back correct will tiger get his mind correct? A golfer will understand this. Correct posture is a Balance, is auto adjusted by the mind ,it will never be possible with conscious effort. Body movement are inherent styles just like the smile the walk It will never be possible to change the style permanently for better action.
Just keep what you have polish your confidence get the ball to target with  a  feel. Remember the sensation that went along inside you, when you hit fine shots- they have little or nothing to do with tweaking body. But came about by feeling good, confident, tireless. And more inner feels
Today Golf is a big business  one can go on and on trying to get this tweak right following some imaginary style but will never be permanent. Every  lesson ads to the GNP that is all what you get if one try to be good golfer by tweaking the body  action. Tweak the mind ,that’s permanent will result in getting the body correct auto
In absolute terms a  Coach may need Tiger but not the other way around but then There will not be much addition to GNP  (No offence is intended pls) Look back history of tiger ,and see how many added to      GNP  by a mere association with Tiger. As they write they added to GNP because all about TIGER is saleable. And the whole Golfing world will be fashioned  in  a direction to nowhere. Almost all -Every individual who came near tiger wrote about tiger– added to GNP The thinking golfers  grand mother took to golf beause of Tiger today she is out no one bothers whos  worlds number one but where is tiger! 5 billion industry gone without Tiger .Now Trying hard to get up without tiger

There is no intention to offend any- apologies for any who feel that way This is an opinion only. only a dissection of methods to be better ,to see where one can go. This is only an opinion accept at your own wish at your own risk Only if you wish and only if you feel there is something to take from this  to be better golfer tomorrow.

One more naked truth  is If any one a has miracle touch to make champions or even know the whole or fraction of a syllabus from A TO Z what not and what must be done to make champions only the Royalty and the super rich will be champions as only they will be able to afford..Do you know any such thing happening????? in this planet ???
do the  right thing  dedicate to the task ,with interest if you have the talent or find a sport that fits talent .Every one is blessed with talent. with some thing !

A champion father who knows all and experienced all how to be a champion often fail to make, son  a champion There were few rare occasions This came true.But But Champion mothers never made any champion daughters in the history of golf. 
If one ask do we the writers of this know how ?- WE SAY LOUD AND CLEAR WE DO NOT KNOW ! we understand Golfing skills  cannot be bought nor sold nor possible to passe on

if you like this appreciate for the betterment of all 
share it credit for the good of all who are trying so hard but getting NOwhere
we make heroes  without profit

pros  certainly can help toddlers getting the basics fast without going through the long tedious but better process of trying out by trial and error  method.Certainly not at the the levels of TIGER or any with zero handicapped professionals

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