Sunday, November 22, 2015

destructive pros

Overheard a pro advising a sponsor of a top golfer:
Sponsor: “Why is the boy not doing as expected?”
Pro: “Boy must be removed from the father for him to be a man.”
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lali.elite golf the thinking golfer this kind of advice by pros are the killers of potential golf. His intention to take more credit overshadows the real needs of the pro to be a better player. These kinds of pros are destructive, they should be identified and removed from the system, beyond doubt. Why???
1. His advice, comment, is a family destroyer.
2. Father knows best what is needed by son, not only in golf, but in all aspects of life as father was with the son all life and will be with the son during ups or downs. Pros will disappear when down and come running back when up.
3. Pros come and go. Father is a father who will stay for life with responsibility to the life of the son, not the pro.
4. If not the father, then who must be near the son? Is it the pro or someone else? Whoever it is, as per the pro’s definition, the player cannot be a man as long as some is near. Hence the pro himself contradicts his own statements?
5. There is not much anyone can do to make a top of the top player – other than himself.
6. Father near him is an absolute necessity as father will give the best assistance in all forms, all life, unlike a pro’s temporary assistance which is questionable.
7. Pro nor the father will know exactly what it takes to be a top of the top golfer.
8. The only person who can do is the player himself; his ambition, his desire, all inside himself, as father has already given him the basic needs. There is not much any can do other than himself.
9. Position of a top pro is not understandable to anyone who has not been at the top of the top, nor will anyone understand how it came about. It is a new experience, a new path and only a person who has reached the top will know and will understand. Unfortunately that path may not be fitting to all.
E.g: Only a person who has reached the top of the Himalaya knows the real feel at the top of the Himalaya. A person who has reached the Himalaya before may be in a better position to advice. However golf is not a mechanical walk or a climb like reaching the Himalaya peak. Golf is a skill; a skill that cannot be taught nor sold. This golfing skill, like any other skill of target hitting, must be acquired by self. Self is the only savior- no one else. Keep away, miles away from pros who say “Stay away from your father.” Besides all religions have mentioned a son who is rejects the father will decay.
Being a topgolfer is not about knowing technique, club, ball, course, body, but much morethan all that. Only a father can contribute all aspects - more than technique.
a pro can be replaced easily not the father

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