Monday, April 14, 2014

Self-taught creative Bubba Watson win second US Masters

Bubbas mind is on the hit on target Does not matter how
BUBBA IS OUR KIND OF PLAYER-  Just hit the ball to enjoy

Deadly strike  of  Bubba

A small-town guy  No formal Golf training -named Bubba now has two green jacket That cool man. And joyy fully done not haing to follow how to swing like in the books!own guy named Bubba now has two green jackets
DID he learn his game from FROM BOOK OR BOOK LIKES --- NO

DID he learn his drive long and accurate from ? -NO
DID he learn his  approach shot to the green from ?-NO
DID he learn his  bunker  shots from ?-NO
DID he learn his  from  putting from  ?-NO
DID he learn his   tempo to complete a cool game  from   ? -NO

HOW CAN ANY LEARN EVERY POSSIBLE SHOT OF 280 NEEDED TO MAKE A WINNING   GAME. How many crafty creative shots are  needed to complete a wining game ? How many crafty creative shots are executed in different situation to complete  a wining game. Can nay on teach these shots before game ? 
Bubbas popular gesture

Yes it possible for as student   to p[ass maths physics,chemistry with help of tition. But can a golfer play multifaceted shots in multifaceted situation  by getting tution like coaching?? NO Not possible.
All Alone on the huge space it is the cool mind that generate all the suitable hits needed ,creative shots to get the targets, the long puts, the chips the approach shots and all of the winning  shots  are tailor made  instantly to fit the situation and not pre made and executed.  Do  not even dream of doing that
BUBBA THE winner two time in three years 

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Bubba our kind of player just play said...

Bubba did it his way two time in three years REAL COOL BUBBA IS OOR KIND OF PLAYER-NO FRILLS JUTS HIT