Monday, April 28, 2014



How did he get this distance direction for the jump.A school???

Are some  special skills some have on some matters  in life. It is the sniff that gets Ants  to their food, It is the instincts that give the monkeys they can jump far to the next branch, Even plants it is the instincts that direct top to the sun and roots to the water.
Men in the olden age had lot so of instincts, from the ability to feel rain, dangers of animals, nearby water, Directions, etc. Hitting moving targets was one of them. Most have departed since the invention of convenience.
Golfer- it is the instincts that give them the feel of direction and distance. On the green the uh need pace and the break.
Do you have them. If so make use of them If not find another game.

Do not run for help when things go wrong –No one can help but your self.It is game of the loners who have instincts, confidence on self. TRUST YOUR SELF

Ants  finding Sugar  How???
10 foot put with breka to left- How did he feel the pace and the break.
did he measure ?? In school and repeated ???

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