Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mind in action U do not even feel it

Mind in action U do not even feel it  ALL THE TIME.

spacial needs are diffent

It is the mind make you stand up.take the mind away your are on the ground,take out another piece form the mind you will net even crawl along the ground.Take the whole brain away you are brain dead .meaning no physical functions by intention not by un-intention. Only physical action will be the  autonomous system like the hear beat.

To walk one need to balance. that balancing come auto when the mind is good, not so when the person is drunk.
Hitting golf shot to target is from the mind with a total balance baody spining to to give power to the ball.
This act  of hitting target is  near perfect  when the  mind is in near perfect state supported by physcial fiteness as the it the body that fiannly serve the orders of the   MIND.

Golfe course is degine to give uncomftable feeling at time. by the sheer desigh sapcail arrnagemnt.
eg elevated tee when not surround by any objects  give an unbalnced feel--

elevated tee when surrounded  by one side  objects (trees) give an unbalnced feel diffenre to the above
the best feel is when enclose by all three side of the tee on level groudn.

water on landing area given a nother uncmfotbel feel, so is with bunkers, hill, sloes or when the target is not visible.
Thesse  design are effctive only for golfers who has not  developmed to feel only the  the target and nothing esle.At this state of mind all course beocem the same as what matters is ony the distance to target not any thing in bwteeen. It is like the pilot who guide the air carft to destiantion - any where in the world is the same when it is areal.

that hiow top pros play in any course after oned ays of practice,. what made course diffrent is he green. the grrena can make the game very diffrent to the game .Golfer need the bailty to quiclky grasp the feel of the green the floww of the green. I tis only he will know exaclty what pace and what line and what brek. as the break totally dpends on the pace.

Nes ti if the testure of of the fairways. they can make a diffrent .
Only sho can remian the same any wher ein the rold in any cours i ts thee shot. yet most olfer practice tee shots an dnot the most diffuclt put send most difficul chip as chip depends on the texture of the grass and spoil,
Thaink ask how fare U have developmed.

All livng prefred enclosed space Not open air space as that how we were bonr.Nicely enlcsed someghwer with rght temeprate etc. Deviting form these condtion give rise to some kind of metna unablce feel to the lundevelopmn mins.

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