Sunday, December 15, 2013

IN GOLF The most important element Or even i any endeour

The most important element that will contribute to the days performance is- FEELING GOOD-

feeling good can do any thing well now

Good feel no one can give you no one can pass no one can sell no one can buy, Without good feel nothing good will happen

Food,sleep, what you see, what you did  day or day before even when the mind is solid a statement by another  or even the during journey what you see and what you hear can finally give feel of the present moment.
can you perform
Strong mind a very strong mins may be able to create good feel by self meditation.

life will end any way doing well or doing bad has no bearing then why not do the best
better fell better doing

One of the best  is  thinking of death the eminent death, certain ending for all is the death.
Then come sot the mind lets to do the best there is no reason to hide or be ashamed.Then why hod back come or go Chicago juts whack the ball. It will find the target.. Get the target to mind before doing it.
whether you any thing or not your end up this. WHY HOLD FOR FEAR OF... WHAT???/

just do it there will be or may be no tomorrow

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