Tuesday, September 3, 2013

hitting 1000 s of balls standing in one place is a destructive act

teaching- teaching- teaching all over  , How many go out as champs????

Civilizations has given rise to teaching, coaching almost all aspects of life .Today these  teaching encroach the natural skills inherently present will almost all.  Like hitting as tone to defend.
But now  they are in search of acquiring with the intention of developing further. Is hit possible  ???? Think
Can walking be improved by another , the style, the mechanism etc. May be possible to  change for few hours, or few  days  but the original style will come back. It will never be possible to change the style of your smile for longer  period May be few  hours like done by actors. Still they are never nice to look at
It is certainly a must to teach  alphabet, maths, science atomic science rocket science  etc As they are all not natural skills  but man made knowledge. Can we extend this teaching method to artistic skills like Music, Art, Sports. Answer is  a  clear NO. Why  .the skill that needed to perform  instantly  , spontaneously that  fits the    moment are all within  self. They are born with the skills, polished and honed further by constructive practice.

hit, hit ,hit ,hit and hit.GOLF IS NOT A GAME OF STANDING AND HITTING IN ONE PLACE. It is game that change constantly both you and the surroundings  

Lee travino said only thing you get out of drivng range practice is pocket full of balls.
Is it possible for another to help better these natural skills.  Answer is Yes !How can another help. By way of motivation, guiding the drills, exercises, food, way of life for the sportsmen to be at peak performance   juts ready to deliver for the event  not late not before but juts in time. The peak is almost always has as short life span .may be for days or weeks certainly for years.
That act of guiding is an art too , done by trial and error that keep changing with time, place, etc. ie there is NO proven holly-grail method of such guidance for success full performance . Keep trying relentlessly is the answer. Not forgetting there is limit to the number of muscles and bone movements more you use shorter the life span. So ensure you do practice retaining  your   inner urge to practice daily  with muscles ever ready to get in to action. Not going to practice as a MUST  do attitude  .Instead  driven by desire inside
When you feel exhausted even a little ,it is time to stop rest recover and come back. Do not do repeated practice over and over again aimlessly. That’s  a huge cost in terms of life span utilization. All muscle bones ligament have limited life span. They do not have unlimited elastic power. Resting will get back to certain extent not fully,, till rested in full ,,,,fed  all nutrient needed

Eg hitting 1000 s of  balls standing in one place is a destructive act as this will   accelerate  the back  bone ,ligament and more injury to all moving joints. Ensure every hit has a good reason .not just hit to say I hit 1000  balls today or even 100- That’s  stupid

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