Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Feeling inside

Feeling inside
Weather, winter, summer, elevation temperature humidity,  scenes , objects,  living  non living ,  signboards   ,colors, sounds , smell, tastes , sensation,  day  time ,night time, full moon , no moon ,days  all effect the feeling inside you. Feeling inside you directly effects  both mental and physical performance. 
spirited gallop is within.Not by external force.

When a person is used to a surrounding conditions  any changes  will effect the performance. Developed mind can   maintain some balance  despite the changes in  out  side.  The good feel inside will  result in good  performance ,will give out more than what you have inside. Bad feel will result in bad performance  worse than what you have in side ie sub level to your potential .
Music  , good smell , good  taste,  good scene, regenerative meditation can enhance the good feel of a player Or even the  good acts of  you  or even by your loved ones.As it comes to your mind.Just a smile can do wonders  
wouldnt you feel good when comes running to you

Select what is  best  for  you , get it ,recreate the states  at your will some what similar to our own bodies that try to maintaining constant temperature without our  effort. So the good feel will come to you as and when it is needed.


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