Wednesday, July 10, 2013

inner something


Once upon a time a junior low handicapped  golfer met a renowned golf pro- pro seen the potential of the player volunteered advice. This was one of them. How to control the ball the most important part of the game in this  instance  it was only on distance not direction.
 He demonstrated  when the full swing is 100 yards by  the pitching wedge – to get 75 yards is  simple, just  make a three quarter swing and play the same shot, for 50 half swing , so on,so forth for other shots .
Give it a try

As the golfer was impressed with the advice he did so during the rest of the practice and started playing the game as practiced. Rest  was a   DISASTER. WHY mind was more on how much  the back swing is and not on target, he further realized there are many other shots that come between like 80,  90 or 40 etc  even more  varieties needed when the playing against the wind and with the wind. Previously he was playing with the feel,  Seen the target, will result in the whole body preparing to send the ball to target There are no measurements  just feel ,like the expert cook adding right amount of salt by feel to taste right . He was reasonably successful  then. he has to develop all over again As he recollect his previous experience where another said just  go down the grip to control distance. Result was the same. Disaster.
Golf like any other artistry is a game of feel,  both direction and distance come from feel, sensation and  not  predetermined mechanical act Not much from the back swing is  But  something from inside the mind get the whole body to coordinate to hit the ball to target, if you have this feel develop it . if you do not have take another recreation .

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