Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Training a Racing horse- how- to gallop is stupid.

Teaching a Racing horse how to gallop is stupid. The thing trainer needs to do to horse is to condition the horse to be in peak state -both mind and body for the event in hand. Similarly  teaching a golfer who has hit reasonably consistently to target does not require any tweaking of the swing or any physical ways grip etc . But condition the player to peak for the event in hand. ie. Condition-- the mind and body. This artistic effort  has no holy-grail method but trial and error- involves food, drills physical training and mental training and way of life .Tweaking the swing will result in total disaster. Attempted change  will never stay. Like the curved  tail of a dog Will come back to its natural state. So is the walk, smile of the individual.They are inherent ways that cannot be changed with any success. But Will come back to the natural swing of the player.
disciplined training may at times require a break depending on the state threshold values of the individual, This is to stay charged as a way of life.Changes in the style of hit take place all the time as the player matures. Thats natural change is a result of maturing mind and body. Enthusiastic golfer will achieve a state of finely tuned balanced,fluid, hit with time.

Tiger was born with the style that developed with time to a fluid balanced hit.There had never been a deliberate attempt to change with the objective of getting the ball to target.That style is permanent what he does is relentless training both physical mind and of course his natural way of life totally geared  for performance.With or with out a coach he will be Tiger the worlds number one.Now alone with no commercial relationship naming loud-who is the coach
there are many other legends who openly describe- born with talent- race horse like -followed enthusiastic self training to be there. Such as Nadal, Bolt,Serena,Jim , Buba and more more more--

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