Friday, May 24, 2013

Keep your smile -AS IT IS- So is with..

Keep your smile as it is So is with..Your golf style.

Rember if you can your first smile just a widening of the mouth, then slowly growing to a wider fuller smile.
So is with your golf ,the way you play the way you swing.Changing the style will be disaster just like the way you will look with an artificial smile that does  not belong to you

Your game is yours , now one can play like you nor can you emulate another one But you certainly can fluid it , polish it, smmoothen it so that fluency and artistry will come and will be nice to look at. Just like the way you started smiling.
Keep trying hitting target when U hit Target- that becomes your style keep it-- not trying to find a style that get the ball to target that's the faulty method and will not retain with you.

There are no two faces alike, there are no smile S alike there are no TWO golf styles alike, stay with yours with your  conviction on self  it is good for U .

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