Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cup a tea i make daily

for several decades i start the day by making cup a tea  (using T by L) I get a  perfect tea  60% of the days, other days not what i expected. Too sweet, or not enough, bitter watery or milky cold or too hot etc.. In golfing terms, my morning  Tea making episode Excellent 60%,  at times  OB  , at times short, or long or slice or fade etc etc. In line with the above Truly  my average score is 90,Yes only at times I wondered  why I am unable to make a consistently good cup a tea—
Presto then came a galaxy of the unknown - shall we call them including myself amateurs ???
what is causing this unpalatable tea despite repeated doing for decades???
In simplest form ,It is due to lack of focus of the moment. This lack of focus result in not ingraining the feel of quantity,( tea.milk,sugar) extent of  brewing. So the unpalatable My cup a tea -some days-.
 Do I go for cookery classes to learn how to make a good cup tea consistently. I know how to make good cup  a tea the problem is consistency ie making it daily.
In golf ,all armatures have experienced fine shots . during a game, but one, two or three shots go wrong to end up with a score of80,  90 or 100. How does one rectify these few wild wayward shots.? Even Tiger makes his share of wild shots.
As amateurs, we all religiously book our slot with the pro for more lessons, After the hack, dutifully make the pilgrimage to the driving range and proceed to hit 1000s of balls.,  ,Will these actions get the player to play consistent shots? On target ?
Is there a pre determined defined theoretical technique to get the ball to target?
Lest assume there is , If not all pros . golf schools will not have much work to do !
If there is a defined theoretical swing technique , will this method be applicable to al all 80 ++ shots during the game? Lets say there are 80 theoretically correct shots for the game. Then Will these 80 theoretical shots be valid and applicable in different greens for windy days, or rainy , wet days, , running fairways fast greens, slow greens  poor bunkers , good bunkers etc etc , Put the mathematical theory now you will have more than several thousand possibilities hence several thousand theories. No wonder there are golf schools to learn several thousand theories to execute that consistent shot. 
Fine  how many golf schools/pros  have produced champions  consistently ? How many champion fathers have produced champions sons??  Or is this holy grail of Theories for getting good shots consistently available for sale for a  billion dollars ??? Pros  ,golf schools are indeed, needed for the average social golfer…….

I am in search
Bumped in to this Matured white golfer at the dressing room who was whistling With a kind of a wondering  walk. Knew some this good is inside him ! Asked how was the day, ?  replied terrific !  good golf  ?  indeed won couple of 1000s , what’s the secret ?  he said I resolved love matters with his partner ( probably 30 year junior). I said wow that’s fine. Any more secrets ? he said never marry the mistress, U will only create a vacancy.
It is the mind kid !  The  mooooooood, feeeeeel,………………….

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