Friday, February 14, 2014

working on alignment

The  other day  at the dressing room pro were discussing orone was advicing another with a poor score that day -- believed very much

work  on alignment could not resist  -asking why alignment?? why not hit balls to target , long short  etc.If  Hitting target is successful  then alignment is correct by auto.
alignment is natural is is sense within 
some  can find alignment naturally some  cannot they are not good  at golf

golf hit is one act, dissecting the act and practicing  in pieces  is foolish .GOLF hit is a simple joyful act of hitting target ----------------it is within.----------------
Tiger Woods would have been NO 1 with or without coach a\orany coach.It is withing him Only he knows

Need to improve find your ow way- stay with it polis it develop it be 200% confident

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