Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sports is about bringing back living animal skills once we had


even plants have senses   roots go in search of water trunk leaves go in search of sun. Put them under man made shelter- they lose all

super driver  does not need a speedometer -He feels the speed.He does not need a navigator he feels the direction-destination

wild animals  have senses to track food ,shelter, mates and live in peace.They eat the right food to  stay healthy,keep their teeth till last breath ,dies without dragging on.Bring them to human care they lose all senses  die miserable often without teeth that are natural extension of the bone that last even years after death  in wild.

Elephants in Sri Lanka  like all other wild animal in the east coast Found protective shelter way before the tsunami came and washed of 1000 s of lost senses-human beings.They have lost senses once they had.Who is now dependent on weather reports that are often out of reality more often than not despite all the modern equipment to detect.
mind over matter

Our ancient man  had all the animal sense or even more.
they knew when the rain  is due  , so he planted on time to get the best growth,they knew, felt when the summer is due, they were ready to harvest.
They knew  by feel what to eat  when sick and when normal  they kept their health till the last breath. Present day man check all - mis diagnose and die.
They knew food good for teethe, food good to chew so the teeth lasted till death and more- centuries after death too.Modern man lose even before mids way despite all the dental care.
Food  made by nature sun ,soil rain will always give the best living needs.Despite all the modern inventions MAN  will never make a food that will come even miles closer in goodness and the needs of the living.
mind and body action by feel

Ancien man walked for miles up the hill down the hills, swam across rivers  all by feel .Never had health  problems nor bone problems-they the ancient man lived to create,  evolve  the dependent fragile modern man who is no depending on almost every aspect of life to the man made machine.

hit target by feel

Ancient man sensed enemy from far - ready to defend or  attack with bear hands and or  with rudimentary weapons like throwing stones etc-remember we as kid  threw stones at mangoes- did we measure, look at the technique-but we were good at getting mangoes-
todays man gets caught red handed  to natural disasters despite  all the surveillance cameras etc.
practice golf then meditate to lock the feel


sports  is to bring back and reward the traits  of wild senses and reaction to perceived needs just like the wild Lion who pound on the pray or just like the monkey who jumps  from branch to branch with measuring equipment or juts the elephants who swing even not being in water once before.They simply feel they can do and the way it is done.. Olympics is the best illustration. Running, throwing, jumping, walking, archery ie target hitting,  fast running,long running, pole walk etc etc are all once needed just to survive.

Use a hand machine-U-  lose skills of your hand

all other sport from golf to, foot ball, swimming  encompass these basis skills needed. the ones who have the best skills are rewarded. in golf rewards come in millions.

golf is about -target hitting-, to hit target one must feel where is the target .a   superior golfer feel the right distance direction then having perceived and understood fully react to them with needed action ie  right direction, pace etc , sending these signals to a flexible  healthy body to execute.

let the machine play to lose all  your playing skills

Therefore all machine assisted practice  will be at the expense of the feel needed to generate the right shot.
eg  a machine that show the   launch angle, distance etc kill the feel a good golfer has who knows by feel at the impac what is the launch angle and what is the distance and even where the ball is  without looking at the landing. Try doing this in the dark hit the ball if you have senses you will know exactly Where the ball is.The writer has done that and has succeeded quite often as the last holes are played in the dark to finish the game and count the  money-at the 19 the hole

Now think what is best  for you DO AS U PLEASE - SEE THE RESULTS YOUR SELF.

Ancient man felt the direction. they did not need a navigator.

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