Sunday, April 3, 2016

Be A super athlete to be a super golfer

Be  A  super athlete BEFORE  t o be a super golfer

spirit of Shaolin monks
LIU XIAN see how he trains principle is the same for golf
inner spirit


What does it take to be a world-class athlete? Most cannot be  given but must be acquired by self

 What does it take to be a world-class athlete? Most cannot be given but must be acquired by self

   It takes drive. A self-starter
you have to be driven to improve every day. You can't be satisfied with your last performance.
You have to be disciplined. You have to follow a strict exercise and eating schedule.
BE competitive.
You have to be competitive and want to beat your competitors.
BE self-confident
You have to be CONFIDENT in yourself and believe that you're a winner.
BE aggressive GENTLY.
You have to make moves on your own, not just respond to what other athletes do.
Stay  focused .as a way of life
you have to be able to 
focus on the task at hand and tune out any other distraction

BE commited  As a way of life
you have to be committed to your sport. You have to give up other hobbies and interests.
It takes good time management. As a way of life
you have to be able to manage your time well. You practice for hours and hours each day, on top of school, work, and spending time with friends and family.
It takes some amount of raw born with talent- not everyone can hit that small tiny ball in huge space to reach target of 300 meters away.
You have to be naturally talented at your sport. This is something that certain athletes are just born with. Every scratch player has proven inborn talent.
STAY DETERMINED As a way of life
you have to be determined. You can't give up, no matter how hard it seems. When you lose a match or miss a goal, you have to get right back up and try again
It takes a high tolerance for pain. Bearing pain as way of life both physical and mental
you have to be able to put up with a lot of pain, from pushing your body to its limits.
STAY PLIABLE BOTH MIND AND BODY- DO YOGA It takes adaptability .Golf hit to target is all about adaptability. Hence training in driving range nor simulator   does not improve adaptability
you have to be able to adapt to different situations and new information quickly.
BE emotionally   solid as a rock
You have to be in control of your emotions. You can't let yourself get too nervous, to angry, too depressed, etc.

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