Friday, October 7, 2016

Damaru--ON DIETS

Damaru--ON DIETS
There are micronutrients in  millions, may be Man will never know all or even parts. Yet we talk all day long Macronutrients like fats proteins etc The real need of the body depend on genes, climate, region way of life etc, hence Man will never know the exact needs  the exact nutrients required .

Easy way out of this complicated jargon is stick to natural food and be guided by the traditional  ways of life, look at how ancestor coming from 5000 years and more lived healthily. That is the best living laboratory that one must be guided and not laboratory test with dead or caged up animals testing for limited time.Then deducing the results as good  for Man

Calling all experts to  tell us why and how Grass eating COW is producing so much protein ,fats, bones and more. ?
Why how Most Africans are big and strong whatever they eat And why how most Chines Japanese small whatever the food they eat ?
Why and how Zebras get  black and white lines?
Why and how Birds got their lovely colours. Can we eat the same food get the same colours? How cheetahs run at 70km per hour?
 Can we ever run as fast with cheetah ,What food do we need to eat ?

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