Saturday, May 23, 2015

80% of talent is within --and born with

it is  foolish to get the horse to change the way his is make him run fasters

Natural gallop is so beautiful

80% of talent is within --born  with  there is very little one can do almost nothing to get new talent.
Then how can one improve??? Simple. By relentless interest to improve by self, there is no room for anything else in life  Is there a method ?- Yes that method will be unique to individual and that will come or finds it s way when the effort to improve is relentless & unending.
Is it possible for another to help? . Yes Possible by way of motivating , giving broad guidance – certainly not by way of changing the  ways of the individual
Eg- horse will gallop in the way he is born with. But horse can be conditioned to run better by right food right drills  and make him ready  in mind and body  and build interest inside him to run, his best at the race 
This is not very different from golfers.

 Lali.elite golf is read by elite golfers they are already good hitters and they have fine shot making abilities the need is to get these shots at the right time right place. And not learning new shots till the last day of the game. But ready to deliver -deliver well with confidence and ease.
The thinking golfer  making the  impossible -POSSIBLE

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