Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Measure min by min your progress in practice of golf. Success in practice- Body

Measure min by min your progress in practice of golf.
Success in practice- Body
Puma like feel on the toes wanting to fly pound. Eyes sharp mind alert crystal clear, ingraining power immense all that comes ONLY to super fit body. Easiest way to get to the super fit is jogging ie Like tiger patrol early morning.
All sportsmen’s   first need  is super fitness. At the state of super fitness one feels like flying not walking, will feel walking on toes never will he will walk flat footed. Are you in this state ?

Super Confident sensations
Upon successful golf practice golfer will feel utterly confident ,enthusiastic wanting to play well, mind will  totally be engrossed on golf shots the feel of the ball flight the roll the spin there will no room for any thing else but water tight MIND,  SO  tight that has no room to creep in for any mundane thoughts, doubts or any other thing other than good golf, entertaining golf
If the golfer is not in this state of mind change the way practice is done. Remember hitting 1000 0S  of balls staying in the course for long hours is not practice it as good as loitering. Stay conscious all the time make best use of the time. One more IMPORTANT  thing human  joints have limited doings ie repeats ,do not waste just hitting balls  after ball -one will only shorten the life span of ability to play healthy good golf. Make every hit a conscious and with good purpose achieving a goof hit then ingrain the feel the sensation.
the thinking golfer
prepare the mind first and stay in focus ingrain after every shot

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