Monday, July 31, 2017

#TIGER WOODS NOW AND THEN the thinking golfer

#TIGER WOODS  NOW AND THEN the thinking golfer

#Power of the mind
Among the good golfers -Everybody hits alike at the tee, there after comes the difference, get wider and wider as the ball gets closer to the hole. This id directly proportional to the mind  power.
LALI.ELITE.GOLF the thinking golfer
#Tiger now and then
#Tiger has the same method as before but his mind is warped, resulting body is twisted .sight is blurred .even the greatest get enticed by the worldly destruction.
Lali Elite Golf the  thinking golfer

Baker does not   look  at recipe  when baking a cake but does by the feel, By the feel  of needs   like  water,flour,sugar etc etc in relation to flour in relation to container to match many other variable like temperature time etc. Salt too.


So is a superior golfer he does thinking of technique nor does  he think of what he did at the driving range- just play the game by feel, the lie, the roll the club face the   hole etc all factors into   the mind –naturally spontaneously to  curate  a fine hit to  target. That’s a virtuoso   golfer.

#LALI ELITE  GOLFER  the  thinking golfer.

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