Wednesday, September 6, 2017

go for that 65 #DamarU Golf

Take Five or Six Strokes Off -Study specs of your golf club #DamarU  Golf

 "scoring zone". clubs in Golf   #DamarU Golf
wedges probably the most important club after putter-but putter is simpler cub to understand
wedge  fit s  you, on course the lie angle, shaft length
your ideal gaps between clubs is toget even loft gaps. So starting from a stock 46° pitching wedge, you can then add a gap wedge at 50°, a sand wedge at 54° and a lob wedge at 58°, which should equate to 8-12 yard gaps for the average golfer
Take a club and put in the address position and you'll see a space between the ground and the leading edge of the wedge. High space = High Bounce angle.
As The 'bounce' of a wedge is the area of the club that hits the turf, hence
"Bounceangle is how much lower the trailing edge of the sole is in relation to the leading edge. A wedge is designed this way to reduce resistance to the sand when hitting behind a ball in a bunker.
After - 9-iron  choice of wedges, range in lofts from 45-64°, 
Traditionally, pitching wedges are lofted from 45-50°, gap wedges from 50-54°, sand Sand wedges from 54-58°, and lob wedges from 58-64°. 
a professional who gets 290-300 yards form driver  will prefer to cary 4 wedges as every foot counts
Lob - 60, Sand - 56, Gap 52 and Pitching 46 to get in with -three- from 110 yards
think and feel the right club - no one can advice you what specs you must use. LALI.ELITE.GOLF  the thinking golfer

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