Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aerial route

Aerial route 

terrain matter a very little to a professional golfer

Golfers take Aerial routes, nothing in between matters. Take the right club and smash the ball along the right directions. That’s the only task of a golfer.
Mastering distances are the key to success in golf. Terrain differs from place to place. At the same place, the golf ball behaves differently from moment to moment. Hence it is the talent of the golfer to know the feel of the terrain when setting foot on the course, on the green and on the fairways. It is impossible to be a good golfer searching for all possible terrains to practice.

Master the distances on just one terrain; then go places. Try developing the feel of the terrains as you step on them.

If one is going allover to practice in search of different terrain s . He will then be an amture all his life.

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