Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Do i have the talent

ASK  do i have needed talent first , find a game that fits the talent.Every one has some talent in some  not all talent in all.

More refined ,,, ask do i have target hitting  ability. like the good old day s hitting at Mango  to pluck. If you have go  for it any target game.
Then ask do i have the interest to be at the top or just social game.

To be at social  game one need not waste lot of time just start hitting balls to target -U will then find ways  you own ways to hit.
I  U want o to reach the top it is  the same but need relentless interest and indulgence and enjoy every moment of it. Noting will  stop you. That’s all U need as with every hit at practice you will find the most comfortable , confident way to hit target in under various conditions.

All are within you it is up to you to find ways to get it out at the right time at the right place.
Sports is not a complicated science like atomic  physics. It  is just talent and feel. If you have go for it

need  to read more go.. lali.elite .golf for controversial  advice most pros  will  not like. But we the authors of this site do not say pros are not helpful. They are indeed useful provided one knows exactly what is need out  of them . not just let --please  help me to be a champion. Go ask be specific then test for results by the feel and the hit on target.

All  will  depend on the  interest the intensity of self and  inborn talent

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