Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Are You interested

when deeply interested  nothing else creep into the mind
recollect past memories,  as kids when you needed the toy, sweets, later when you need your favorite food, even more later when in romance –the thoughts-mind was engrossed .,there was no room for any other thought. Or when you ran fearing a snake or dog.
If the golfer is deeply interest in the shot in had to destroy the target mind will not have room for any other thought than destroying the target with the  tiny ball.
Make the target your urge to destroy, like in the battle where your life is threatened if you failed to get the enemy on target.
There is no other  mental  training needed. Get interested in the shoot. Develop hunger to shoot at target. Golf is target game not a dance at the stance .How you do matters very little fi you hit the target.


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