Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Have you observed monkeys,Dogs,Fish  they move all the time.A result of flickering mind as they get attracted to all around happening ,smell, tastes, feels,sound,---- Can they perform ????? to win? Yes when it comes to food,territory and mating.Then natural focusing  come to play.Man has more interests  ....................................not all but special men-As a golfer you are indeed a special man one in a million

it is not the body that must be trained to keep still -But the MIND

Meditation is the ability to keep  the mind relatively still or in deep focus on one subject. Hence one does not need special places, nor special time but gear the mind TO  the present moment.  Easiest way to test how one can stay focused is—to be aware of ones breathing pattern. Rhythm of inhale and exhale. Feeling the air IN-OUT  .
Try -is it? one min or five or even more. ? At the start  you thoughts will go out of track ie wild for sure. all you need to do is to be aware of this out side tracking or wild thoughts and get back to being aware of breathing. Keep repeating  May go OUT  Then You bring IN  consciously. Ie other words it is said to be – concentrated when IN, Diffused when OUT  the MIND
This is the best pure method If one can do then staying focused in what you love to do is a breeze.
If this is method of breathing in and out – staying focused with ON-OUT is boring , then try with a subject that interest you. Stay focused only in the subject. This is not stilling the mind but running along one direction. That too is  good as most action to perform one must stay focused in the job in hand not allow the mind  to go  wild- say monkey mind. Look at  a Monkey he will look here and there all the time, will move here and there all the time  so are the dogs. All most all animals have mind that are flickering as they are only bothered about eating, mating and dying.
Man is different he has tasks to perform either by interest or as way to live. All tasks that are done due to interest will have natural focus. Task that are done as no choice but must do are almost always done half hearted. So if you interest in golf is social then you will always be a mediocre player whatever the equipment or the trainers you have. On the other hand if the game is very interesting then you will reach best level you can with or without any extra help as some how  you will settle in th what is good for you in all aspects of the game.
To further improve juts like having physical exercise get involved  in meditation. On the other hand you interest so burning to play , to hit targets you even may not need any special mind training. It is like running for lie you will get the best ever speed you are blessed with or  if you are madly in love you will not need meditation but your mind will  be on love day in day even on dreams.

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