Monday, March 17, 2014

Intimidating factor in sports

Tigers Intimidating acts,Look
In boxing intimidating factor is evident.First the bouncy words before the real bounces  in the ring.Mohammed Ali was famous for this so was  Mike. They qll talk aloud before the real fight.Yes  these intimidating behavior can contribute to better performance as it lets out some pressure within, and  at time such act may even effect the performance of competing players. Tiger  woods intimidating acts are  not by words but by his sheer  aloof  ,focused manners.And the past mighty [performances and by the attraction of the public.
Just like the in the jungle where tigers and lions, lonely ,quite, focused pound on their prays.

intimidating before the deadly act

All great achievers in sports had this intimidating acts.Mostly unintentional acts that come out due to sheer joy of wanting to perform So before the real act they start their acts in other ways like shouting, dancing, making gestures like --  Bolt while Mark Lewis was more gentle in his ways
i am a legend mark is not

Michel Jordan was loud all over
Michel Jordans Intimidating act

Hi above human acts- can any one teach him ??to throw to jump ?

In born talent plus wild passion make them do inhuman acts 

Mike threaten , shout,and even bit

they are not acting like the professional actors but sheer natural acts of aggressive behavior to win.

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