Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Machine assisted golf practice

Machine assisted golf practice
Good for entertainment not good for improvement. Yes ok during winter when the outside is frozen.
Why is not good? well  the urge to read the outcome of the shot is greater that the natural urged to ingrain the feel o the shot. As golf revolve around shots with feel. This important aspect  of the skill will be reduced   hitting balls then wanting to read how was the hit rather than asking how as the feel. A good player will know a good shot, bad shot, the direction of the ball and even distance of the ball without even having to look at the ball landing.-as every shot played monitored by any kind of machine will drive the payer to read.
It is of different to racing car  driver looking at  purposeless speedo meter when the speed has  to be governed only by the feel  of the movement of the car. Top drivers need  not look at the meter costing them valuable time.
Play golf as close as the real situation.


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